New York City is full of wonderful sights, sounds, and activities. But sometimes, in order to appreciate the beauty of it all, we need some time away. Just as Central Park serves as a serene little getaway in the middle of the city, a first look on your wedding day can help make it that much more magical!

If the phrase “first look” doesn’t ring a bell, it’s a moment before the wedding ceremony where the bride and groom see each other for the first time. Usually, the photographer finds an intimate area away from family and friends for the couple to meet and capture the emotional moment.

Here’s why the first look has become so popular:


Ease those jitters


It’s natural to feel a little nervous on your big day. Even the most confident couples feel anxious about getting up in front of all of those people to exchange vows. Getting away with your very best friend, confidant, and soon-to-be spouse can help ease those nerves as you spend time with each other away from it all. Also, this is also a good time to relax. I’ve even seen a few couples share a drink or a beer together.


Take in the beauty


Admittedly, it may be hard for both of you to really soak in the moment of seeing each other across the aisle for the first time. The bride focuses on not tripping, and the groom focuses on getting the words right. Both of you may be a little preoccupied during the ceremony itself. The first look is a perfect time for the groom to turn around and see his dazzling bride for the first time. You are both free to react, respond, talk and cry. No one is watching, so you can truly enjoy the moment together.


A time to reflect


Your wedding day will seem to fly by in the blink of an eye! You spent months preparing, and now the day has finally arrived. Before you know it, you will be sharing your first dance, and then family and friends will send you off in style. The first look gives you both some time to press pause and take it all in. Just breathe and revel in the happiness of it all!


A time to be intimate


Some couples prefer to go light on the public displays of affection. But, in a first look, the private setting gives you a space to hug, kiss, or hold hands without the whole world watching, letting you enjoy each other’s company before the party gets started!


Memorable pictures


The first look also allows the photographer some freedom to move around, get creative, and find the best angles. The ceremony itself is a little restrictive on where the photographer can go, so the first look is an opportunity to capture gorgeous candid photos. In all honesty, the first look photos are usually the ones that couples get the most use out of later on as they are the best for framing and sharing.


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