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What to wear to your engagement session


Bustling city life, amazing food, and home of Broadway—what better place than New York for newlyweds to start their grand adventure together? New York is near and dear to our hearts, too. As NYC Engagement Photographers, we love meeting new people from all around the tri-state region. Whether you are from gorgeous upstate New York, the sunny Jersey shore or right next to Central Park, we want to get to know you and portray a little piece of your story.


We especially love working with recently engaged couples. Engagement is the first exciting step to one of the most pivotal points in our lives! But now that you’ve said, “Yes!” and set a date for taking engagement photos, what should you wear to create a cohesive look for memorable photos and make a statement with your save-the-dates?

Here are 5 of our best tips:


Keep it seasonally appropriate


You may have had a vision wearing your most flattering sundress with his matching shorts, but he popped the question in November. Even though style is important (your wardrobe is one of the biggest contributing factors for the “look” you create), the session should be fun, relaxed, and comfortable. It’s hard to demonstrate your love for each other when you’re freezing your toes off!


Coordinate, but don’t match

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As I was scrolling through Pinterest the other day, I saw an engagement session with the couple donning matching t-shirts. That’s cute for a sporting event, but not so much for an engagement session. Use complementary colors, and keep within the same overall style, but try to stay away from wearing the same thing. You want to present yourselves as complementary individuals, not twins.


Stay in dress code!


Make sure both of you have the same level of dress. For instance, if you are going for a more casual look with trendy denim and a cute top, a formal suit may not be the best option for your partner. Lay out your choices ahead of time to see if they pair well.


Use accessories


A scarf, belt or a piece of statement jewelry is always a great idea for adding some texture and flair to the portraits. If you aren’t sure if it works, feel free to bring what you have, and we will give you our professional advice!


Be bold!


Without going overboard, a fun pattern or a little color can help break up the portraits a bit. If you choose something too simple and monotone you risk blending into the background. Wear what best represents YOU!


Hope you enjoyed our blog post.

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