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Bridal Portrait by NYC Wedding Photographer

The wonderful thing about photography is that beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder. Since beauty looks a little different to each person, every photographer has a unique style and way of capturing images. Although it requires a little extra homework, that’s actually great news for those looking for a New York wedding photographer—there is someone out there who knows how to do your look and pull off your style. It’s important not to just go with the first person you find simply because it was easy. By keeping a few tips in mind during your search, you can say, “I do” to the photographer who is truly right for you.


First, decide on a style

Wedding Photography by NYC Wedding Photographer

If you are completely unfamiliar with photography, here are a few questions to help you narrow it down (just do a simple Google search to compare).

  • Have you fallen in love with deep, rich tones or do you prefer bright, crisp photos?

  • Are you looking for natural, outdoorsy pictures or are you drawn to boutique studio portraits with fun backdrops?

  • Do you like candid or posed shots.

  • Do you want someone who has mastered the art of capturing personalities or who can render the overall atmosphere?

  • Are you going for classic and timeless or trendy and festive?


do your homework

Wedding Photography by NYC Wedding Photographer

Ask around to see who your friends recommend, and then ask to see some of their pictures. Check around on the internet and wedding sites (try to keep your search as local and specific as possible to keep your search reasonable). Once you have a few in mind, visit the photographers’ websites, read a few blogs and skim their galleries. You may be able to find some basic pricing info on there, too.


Schedule appointments


Once you have it narrowed down to a couple, reach out and schedule appointments to meet with them. (If you can’t quite narrow it down, try reaching out to all of the ones you have in mind through their websites via messaging, and see if they can give you a little extra information that you need. Most have contact forms and are more than happy to help lead you in the right direction.)


Find a connection


When you meet with your photographer, explain you vision, show a few examples of you style, and inform them of your budget. If those things fit, get to know each other! You will be spending quite a bit of time with each other, so you want someone you really feel comfortable and confident with. As with anything, you will know when you have found The One.


iron out the details


Once you find your person, compare packages and find out each of your rights and permissions. Determine the timeline for engagement photos, bridal portraits, and wedding day hours. This is also a good time to find out about retouching options or special effects as well as when you can expect the pictures to be ready. Finally, decide whether you will get prints from the photographer or if you will order them from an outside source. If you order them yourself, double check the resolution (high or low) and how to order your prints so that they come out flawlessly.


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