As a discerning observer, Susan Shek possesses an excellent eye and is adept at noticing nuance to capture key moments on camera. Her overarching approach to photography is holistic in nature, so your photos showcase the unique and genuine moments that could only happen at your wedding.

Both parts creative and diligent, Susan provides a one of a kind service to her clients that goes above and beyond the duties of a photographer. Whether the groomsmen need help pinning boutonnieres or the bridal party needs last minute Ubers, Susan is always ready to jump in and help ensure the day runs smoothly.

Susan’s work is fueled by the desire to tell an original love story for each and every one of her clients, all while celebrating a new union. Her style is as unique and diverse as each couple’s connection, and she hopes to continue creating photos that her clients look back on for years to come.


ABOUT susan 

Born and raised in New York City, Susan Shek has been photographing life’s most beautiful moments in the Big Apple and beyond for over a decade. Her love of this city and the melting pot of diverse cultures drives her passion for photographing wedding celebrations of all types.

Susan has been featured in prestigious editorial publications such as The New York Times, Huffington Post, and Sophisticated Weddings. Her work can be seen on sites such as Refinery29, The Knot, and, as well as countless others.

While New York will always have a special place in her heart, Susan has traveled all over the world for her clients. She has photographed extraordinary celebrations throughout the United States, Australia, Hong Kong, Greece, Hawaii, and the United Kingdom.



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